Aniara Class Mothership

Located in the Entropia Universe

This Ship is owned by General Geo and operated by the Victory Society.  We offer many Space related Services such as Secure VIP Transports, Equus Warps & Quad Flights. 

The Crew of Victory do regular Repair Skilling runs and Hunting expeditions.

We are always looking for honest and reliable members to join our fleet.

If you are interested in a career in Space, you can Contact us here or ingame.


⚶ Leading the way to Victory!

Vega Class Privateer - Pathfinder V​

The Victory Mothership is proud to introduce its newest addition to our fleet, the PFV.

This ship will enable us to be in two places at once.

Offering convenience VIP service.

 George Geo Clone    |   Victory-ms@inorbit.com