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Location: The Entropia Universe


We offer safe, secure VIP Mothership Warps, quick planet to planet Equus Warps and Quad Taxi Shuttle Flights.

Check Flights info for more details.

You can request a VIP, Equus or Quad flight anytime.  Our Pilots receive live notifications when a request is made.


For Players looking to skill, we offer regular Mothership Repair Skilling Runs throughout the week.

If you are a Pilot interested in more flight time to increase your Profession, Contact us for more details.


The Victory uses an Armament Device III which allows the use of close to a dozen Gunner Seats and offer a full fleet of Quad-wing Interceptors.  If your group of friends or Society want to spend an evening in Space hunting mobs such as Cosmic Horrors, Hermits or Skyflails, Contact us for more details.

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