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  • Queen QueenBee KillerBee
    Sep 5, 2018

    Hello Victory Team For the past 3 or 4 months we have been having monthly hunts or outings for all the members of Victory. One was held on Calypso and the rest have been on Arkadia. This month we will be going to Sal'derish's gates 1 -4 (Arkadia) if we have enough people. Remember the more participants on a team the bigger the treasure at the end of the run. This is for all levels of hp from new players to professional! Be ready for great fun on August 7th at 21:00 MA/EU time. That's 4pm my time. :) We will meet 15 minutes before the hour at the Underground teleporter. From there we will go to the appropriate Gate to do battle. I have a drop ship so transportation will be provided to each gate as needed. Bring Your Own Weapons Ammo and Armour! BYOWAA See you there!
  • victory-ms
    Apr 27, 2018

    There was a tear is space.
  • victory-ms
    Apr 7, 2018

    Keno has decided he wants to be a pirate and has been removed. Please do not make any further contact with him.

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