Queen QueenBee KillerBee
Aug 3, 2018

Victory Hunting Events and Outings


Hello Victory Team

For the past 3 or 4 months we have been having monthly hunts or outings for all the members of Victory. One was held on Calypso and the rest have been on Arkadia.

This month we will be going to Sal'derish's gates 1 -4 (Arkadia) if we have enough people. Remember the more participants on a team the bigger the treasure at the end of the run. This is for all levels of hp from new players to professional!

Be ready for great fun on August 7th at 21:00 MA/EU time. That's 4pm my time. :)


We will meet 15 minutes before the hour at the Underground teleporter. From there we will go to the appropriate Gate to do battle. I have a drop ship so transportation will be provided to each gate as needed. Bring Your Own Weapons Ammo and Armour! BYOWAA

See you there!




Queen QueenBee KillerBee
Aug 3, 2018

Suggestions on where when what and how to prepare events hunts and outings

are welcome!

Sep 4, 2018

1) Setup a private discord (Victory members only, so pirates can't snoop). The forums are nice, but unless everyone is signed up and checks forums consistently, members are less likely to notice updates.


2) Set a scheduled time & date for MS hunts (monthly or whatever is more convenient). This will help members prepare for a session ahead of time.


That's all I have for now, looking forward to joining hunts (need to get that BPC unlock and piloting exp). Hit a nice crafting global a week ago, so I finally bought myself a quad :)

Queen QueenBee KillerBee
Sep 5, 2018

Hey Ferrel

Welcome to Victory! Thanks for the comments. They are much appreciated! I will try to set up a discord account just for us! Monthly hunts events will be near the first weekend of the month.

Skill-runs will be impromptu...Any time you guys can get 3 or 4 members on the ship at the same time I can pilot you around! With Gen. Geo's permission of course.

Queen QueenBee KillerBee
Sep 5, 2018

ATM I am on vacation and don't have my headphones with me!

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    I think this formidable ship can do it all. Lets make her great.
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    Jan 26, 2018

    Gratz on your courier run deatheye. I still havent had one yet :( Did you refer him to our website?
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    The Victory Mothership Society is recruiting Repair Crews, Gunners, Pilots & Quad Pilots. Please contact us on forums, website, email or ingame for more details.

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